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Classic full body massage: (50 min.) 55,00 €

Full body massage promotes the relaxation of body and soul. Classic massage mainly targets muscles, tendons and blood circulation, for the relief of pain, tension and muscle soreness, so that the body can recover more quickly. When practiced regularly, it constitutes a proven strategy for fighting stress-related conditions such as headache.

Classic targeted massage: (25 min) 30,00 €

Targeted massage is a relaxing and energizing bodywork aiming at relieving any knots from tension in the back or the lower limbs.

Sports massage: (40 min) 55,00 €

After intense athletic activity, the body is loaded with toxins, while muscle tension needs to be relieved. Sports massage is useful for unclogging and relaxing body tissue, to promote the natural process of catabolic elimination, particularly when it comes to shedding lactic acid or treating muscle contracture.

Foot reflexology: (40 min) 55,00 €

Stimulating specific areas of the foot induces a sense of deep relaxation.

Manual lymphatic drainage:

(50 min.) 75,00 €

 (25 min.) 45,00 €

Lymphatic massage drains liquids and toxins which accumulate in tissues.

Vital Stone: (70 min) 85,00 €

The use of scented oils and basalt stones heated at 40°C (104°F) has benefits on the body’s energy points, as tension is reduced by such thermal contrasts. A fabulous sense of well-being pervades the whole body, for complete relaxation of body and mind.

Lomi Lomi Nui: (90 min) 105,00 €

Close your eyes and let soothing music take you to a Hawaiian island. Lomi Lomi Nui – also known as Hawaiian temple massage – blends the art of soft, rhythmic massage and the effectiveness of essential oils to relieve the body, spirit and soul from stress, tension and fears, thus restoring psychophysical balance.


Body wraps

Evening primrose oil wrap: (25 min) 40,00 €

Evening primrose oil is particularly recommended for soothing the body. It is also acknowledged by clinical dermatologists for its regenerating and rebuilding properties, as it is rich in vitamins that help the skin recover its natural balance. Lose yourself in the warmth and scent of this wrap, and your skin will thank you. In order to get the most out of the wrap, it is advised to have a scrub prior to this treatment.

Seaweed wrap: (25 min) 40,00 €

Seaweed is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and iodine, oll of which are essential nutrients for keeping our skin healthy. Applying this extract stimulates metabolism while removing body fluids and invigorating tissue. Thus, this wrap is recommended for fighting cellulitis, water retention and sagging skin. You can relax in the warm embrace of this seaweed wrap to the sound of soft, soothing music. In order to obtain the best results, a peeling scrub is recommended, while the best follow-up for this wrap is a manual lymphatic drainage, to drain liquids and toxins out of the body. Swollen, aching legs will certainly become lighter.

Relaxing scented wrap: (25 min) 40,00 €

If your goal is getting rid of everyday stress, our suggestion is a wrap based on precious oils and herbal extracts for relaxing and rehydrate your skin, while you are wrapped up in the soft and warm atmosphere. In order to complete the treatment, a soothing massage is recommended.

Full body mud wrap: (25 min) 40,00 €

Sea mud is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Thanks to its ability to store heat, it induces deep relaxation of muscle tissue. Following this treatment, a massage is recommended.

Targeted mud wrap: (20 min) 30,00 €

Unlike the full body wrap, this wrap is only applied on a specific area of the body, such as the spinal cord or the foot arch, in order to ease tension build-up in that specific area. After this treatment as well, a massage is recommended.

Each additional wrap 25,00 €


Body scrub

Hammam – Massage using silk glove or brush: (20 min) 35,00 €

he word hammam immediately calls to mind the Orient, Istanbul, scented steam, Moroccan tea, places of relaxation, meditation and body cleansing. After a Roman bath, i.e. a steam bath which is cleansing, relaxing and strengthening at the same time, the customer’s body is initially covered in the foam from a natural soap, and then massaged using a raw silk glove or a brush, so as to exfoliate dead skin cells. Shedding such cells allows for enhanced tissue oxygenation, and it restores metabolism and blood flow. A steam bath is recommended for unclogging skin pores.

Salt scrub massage: (20 min) 30,00 €

Salt is a very important natural product, as it is rich in minerals and dietary elements such as iodine, which our body needs in order to stay healthy. Sea salt – mixed with scented oil and applied to the skin with a circular motion – eliminates dead skin cells, thus boosting osmotic tissue renewal, blood flow and metabolism. Following this treatment, the skin will look sensibly smoother and silkier, and most of all it will be ready to best absorbe oils and creams.


Package deal: 115,00 €

Salt scrub massage + full body wrap to choce +classic full body massage

Hay bath with full body massage: (70 min.): 85,00 €
Only hay bath: (30 min.): 42,00 €





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