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Great things come from small ideas

Let’s celebrate 10 years of Aufguss championships in Italy!


In 2007 took place the first championship of aufguss in Italy. 10 years later we want to reviwe the last years of Championships in Italy!  


The days full of aufguss-power with the first Champions and international aufgussmasters.


Opening hours sauna area: 

03.11.2017 10:00-23:00  

04.11.2017 10:00-23:00 

05.11.2017 8:00-22:00 


saunaticket for 3 hours: 24,00 € 

saunaticket daypass: 28,00 € 

snack extra: 13,00 €


We don't accept reservations for sauna tickets. We recommend to enter early.

Entrance tickets for aufguss you'll get in the sauna area on the same day.



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