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The spa paradise in the heart of the Pustertal Valley




Sauna staff and Aufguss Master School


From May/June we will organise, as Cron4, new professional courses, following our philosophy, for people who are interested in working in the Wellness field as Aufgussmasters and sauna workers!


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With five different pools (Funpool, Activepool, Solepool, Sportpool and Babypool) and a 75-metre-long (80-yard) water slide, the Cron4 Wellness Oasis is guaranteed to bring fun and relaxation to the whole family.


Boasting a 6-pearl award, the world-class sauna spans 3,000 square metres (over 32,000 sq ft).


It features 13 different sauna rooms, including several relaxation areas, Kneipp therapy facilities, a graduation tower including foot bath pools, and it hosts regular, state-of-the-art Aufguss performances.


Re-energize with the power of the 4 elements - at Cron4!



Indoor pools

Sauna world

Outdoor pool

Sports park


Restaurant Acquarium

Phone 0474-548414
Open from 10AM-12PM

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