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Our Spa Centre

Interior ground floor area:
There is a steam bath, herbal sauna, small Finnish sauna and infrared cabin, Kneipp step pool, cold water immersion pool and the ultimate in showers, Cron4 saline graduation tower.


Interior first floor area:
3 differently designed relaxation rooms, with vitality bar and spacious sun terrace.


Outside sauna area:
Large block sauna – Aufguss sauna (Finnish 90°C) to accommodate approx. 70 people Aufgussprogram
Mountain cabin sauna (Finnish 85°C) with fresh hay fragrance
Viking sauna (Finnish 100°C) with a throne
Drei-Zinnen hut (Finnish 90°C) with wood-fired stove
Earth sauna with stone walls (80°C partly soil)
Bio sauna (finnish 80°C)
Large cold water immersion pool, Kneipp step pool, Kneipp arm bath
Large sunbathing lawn, various open fireplaces
Relaxing areas: Jäger-Hütte, pavilion Cron4, relax room "Stube"
4 heat houses with infrared radiation

Hut to dry the towels



Every hour after the aufguss sessions we offer some little healthy snack. 

On special days and grill evenings ec. there will be an extra charge from 10,00 € - 15,00 €. 


Ladies area:
There is a separate area only for ladies, with steam bath and herbal sauna, the ultimate in showers and relaxation room. With a Finnish 90° sauna and a small garden outside. From Nov until Feb open on Tuesday and Saturday from 3 p.m. until 10 p.m. 



The sauna is a nudist area, admission only without bathing togs.
Flip flops and at least two sauna towels are compulsory!




This is the concept for evolution in the wellness sector, based on and shaped in Cron4. Evolution3 is the refinement of the concept of ‘wellness’.


In the past while traditional sauna-goers went to the sauna mainly in winter for warmth, today they go for the overall offer that is used all year round.
In addition to the many sweating and cooling-off facilities indoors and outdoors, Cron4 offers a löyly programme that changes daily, perfected by the various snacks that are offered afterwards. It also gives professional advice and an introduction to the correct use of the sauna and massages; and all this nestling in the intact natural landscape of Reischach.


The various löylys, using only 100% pure essential oils, carried out by qualified sauna supervisors and aufguss masters entice and ensnare on one hand into total relaxation, or on the other hand offer a special kind of experience.
It is all about complete relaxation of body and mind. It is about hearing and seeing, smelling and sensing.
A new age of wellness is dawning. You can live and experience this sensation in Cron4.




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