In June 2015 the Spa Centre of Cron4 received the award „Kneipp-zertifizierter Betrieb“ by the German Kneipp Federation. Cron4 is the only Italian company and the first organization with swimming pool and sauna of this kind being presented with this award. 

The principles of health by Sebastian Kneipp are based on 5 elements:

  • nutrition
  • exercise
  • herbs
  • lifestyle
  • water

Nutrition is very important concerning the snacks after the sauna infusions. We endeavour to use fresh and regional products. So we serve a lot of fruit and vegetables, yoghurt and much more.

As far as exercise is concerned, diverse courses are offered at the swimming pool or at the swimming school, and a variety of swimming activities can be performed by everyone. In order to keep your body fit by exercise even a daily 20-minutes walk is enough.

Cron4 has been working with fresh as well as dried herbs for a long time. They are used as decoration in the interior and exterior, as room fragrances and as plants in our wonderful sauna garden.

Last but not least, we only use 100% organic essential oils for the sauna infusions and regularly serve herbal tea.

The guests themselves positively contribute a lot to a healthy lifestyle by coming and relaxing at Cron4.

Escape from everyday life. Relaxation with all senses. In our earth sauna we offer easing infusion with singing bowls.

Water - we have it in abundance. In the spa area a variety of Kneipp treatments are offered, as for example arm bathing and water treading, the cold Kneipp pool and hoses for cold jets in every shower.



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Steam bath + scrub / Aufguss + Sound bath with Patrick

Steam bath + scrub / Aufguss + sound bath


Kneipp teachings & Sauna bathing with Lena

Kneipp teachings & Sauna bathing