“Löyly” is the name given to this vaporisation in Finland. For the majority of guests it is a ritual that cannot really be renounced, even if its absence does not invalidate the effects of the sauna itself.
However, it is necessary to clarify a misunderstanding: the löyly does not increase perspiration, as many people believe. The streams of water that run down your body after the löyly come from the condensation that evaporates quickly. The essential oils contained in it, on the other hand, can favour relaxation and well-being.
During the aufguss cold water or crystals of ice, enriched with essential oils, are thrown onto the hot stones of the stove thus causing the vapour that the steam master carefully disperses in the sauna by means of an appropriate utensil or a towel.
Even the art of the aufguss has undergone a kind of revolution in the modern age: combined with music, customs and often a specific theme the diverse techniques offer an almost infinite variety of aufguss that range from the traditional to the meditative to the mystical and that transform this event into the highlight of the sauna ritual.

There are 2 different types of aufgusses: classic aufgusses and show aufgusses.

Our Aufguss are carried out exclusively by expert and prepared steam masters or sauna supervisors.
We only use 100% pure essential oils locally produced.

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Steam bath + scrub / Aufguss + Sound bath with Patrick

Steam bath + scrub / Aufguss + sound bath


Kneipp teachings & Sauna bathing with Lena

Kneipp teachings & Sauna bathing